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October 27, 2011

Book Review - 51 : Are you the one for me?

Author: Chital mehta
Publisher: Diamond Books

Having lived in a dream world where everything seems perfect, Khushi is heart - broken when Rohit, her boyfriend of two years, dumps her for another blonde. Since then, she resolves to seal her heart for love convinced that she would never fall in love ever. Just when she moves on with her life surrounded by friends who help her our to mend her broken heart, she meets Jai, Mr. Perfect - her boss. At least, that's what Khushi thought about him. Despite her initial resistance, she falls in love with him. Disaster hits her again when she learns that he doesn't feel the same way about her. This time, Khushi decides on a stronger note that love was just not meant for her. And then, Manav, a carefree guy, steps into her life who promises to love her in every possible way. After being heart - broken twice, which still hurts, will khushi give love another chance knowing that it could be risking her heart again for the third time ?

The book takes you through the story of its lead protagonist, Khushi through ups and downs of love life. Plain, simple, straight forward thoughts punctuate the narrative with the story told in a linear manner. The story moves forward through a series of contrived 'meet-cute' moments between the leads and there is so much mumbo jumbo about relationships (or the lack of it) that i felt inside an Archies shop browsing through the cards. Khushi's friends are straight out of American sitcom - no real care in the world and all cliche ridden. Apart from some enjoyable moments between the girl and Manav, the book fails to engage for most of the time. It is one more addition to the 'oh-i-want-to-tell-my-love-story' genre.

I am going with 2/5 for Chital Mehta's, Are you the one for me? It does not offer anything new in terms of story or screenplay content, but if you are a fan of Bollywood kind of pulp will not be disappointed. For me, it is a tiring rehash of a format which is published so much these days, you have very little left to chew on. Only thing which you can appreciate after reading this one is the sincerity with which author has penned it down.

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