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October 28, 2011

Book Review - 52 : The Ancient Book

Author: Parikshit Rane
Publisher: Frog Books

The Ancient book is like that quick take-away meal which will satisfy your hunger but will leave you wanting more out of it and i mean that in the best form of the word. It is a fantasy fiction novella that transports the reader into a magical world of Angdom and the gruesome colony of Satan called Lyncastia that is increasing at an alarming rate. A magical dark cloud prepared by Queen Witch Gilda hovers over all the captured territories and has the ability to shower acid rain or fire from the clouds. Gilda controls the clouds from the confines of Satan's castle through a magical mirror. Satan's castle is encircled by magical thorns that are growing wider and wider.

King Zius, the King of Angdam and the world, is the protector of the Ancient Book, a tome that has all the answers to protect the earth. When the tome falls in wrong hands, hell breaks loose. The universe works in mysterious ways helping him restore it back from the evil Satan. King Zius' daughter, Sara plays a major role in this war to bring back normalcy on earth. The aliens too help King Zius due to their deep-rooted connection with him. A new era beckons, but not before it changes the various dynamics of the Satans.

The narrative is kept at a tight leash, with screenplay moving at a brisk pace. I particularly enjoyed how the writer kept a few things deliberately unspoken to create a feeling of mystery around the characters. Developed from a poem written by the author itself, it wastes no time in delving into the characters and straight away action follows. It transports you bang into the middle of the crazy situations and you are blown away by the honesty with which each character is handled. I wish it was much longer than it current form, and certain portions were developed sufficiently to create a better impact on readers.

I am going with 3/5 for Parikshit Rane's, The Ancient Book. It will transport you to the fairy tale land which we used to adore in our childhood. At 80 pages odd, this novella will keep you hooked and engrossed for most of the time. Go ahead and rekindle the child inside you!

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Parikshit Rane said...

this book is very very special to me being the 1st in the long line of books that will be coming...
thanks Amit