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October 3, 2011

My last year in the 20s....

Another year has come and gone away. The age count has increased by one today. But the coming year is significant - it is my last year in the 20s. Yes, pity me but please keep the sympathies with you. You are not even allowed to post anything in the comments. Got it? You better do. Age is just a number. And for god's sake, i am turning 29 not 99. And i am not panicking. Seriously.

So, Where did all the years go? Reaching the other side of the 20s is like crossing over a plateau, standing on the edge. One more step, and i will be tumbling into the 30s. I hope things don't start melting down when i reach there. I hope 2012 never happens and i will be writing more on this blog. And i am not panicking. Seriously.

I did most of the conventional thing in the 20s - graduating from college, getting into the first job, hating it after a year of working, trying unsuccessfully changing jobs, learnt cooking, living alone without family, started blogging, and eventually learnt to love my job without loving my employer. Truly boring journey. I love my life. And i am not panicking. Seriously.

I am not going to jot down a "bucket-list" of things to do in my 30s. Lists in any case are boring to plan your life. I have never led my life that way. Because life should be lived in the first place as it comes, not as you would expect it to come. And I can bullshit well, as i just did in the last line. And i am not panicking. Seriously.

My life has gradually become different. I am getting older and not wiser. I prefer eating out than eating in. I prefer watching movies alone than with a group of friends. I prefer reading books in one sitting than over many nights. I like to shop alone than with a female who would take 5 hours to buy one creepy looking Gucci bag. I am still a feminist who wants equal opportunity for men and women. My life is cool, if not better. And i am not panicking. Seriously.

Eventually, i believe turning 29 isn't the worst thing in the world. You know why? Because I am, who i am, and one more year is not going to change anything. I am here, and you are here and we are going to be as rocking, as kicking, and as changing as ever. Things will always remain the same and will be good.

Am i sounding too philosophical? Is this a sign of getting into the 30s. (Oh FUCK!)

PS: I promise, i would try and control saying FUCK. At least, not on every fucking thing.

And i am not panicking. Seriously.


Sameera said...

:x since you said don't talk about anything related to 29.

Wishing you a wonderful birthday!

PS: I will be turning 25 soon. Scares the hell out of me! :d

Smita said...

Happy Birthday :)

Felicity said...

This was SUCH a good post. :)

Gauri Mathur said...

I know it's been long time since we last shared greetings!

Nevertheless, Many Many Happy returns of the day! :)

Butterfly Thoughts said...

HI Amit

Happy Birthday. it was good read.

Suruchi said...

oh god-itna non panicky to meine kabhi kisse ko nahi dekha:-)
and you know prefer eating out, reading books in one sitting, not shopping with females...are all signs of maturity and not old age-i had them since i became a chill:-)

here's cheers to a wonderful new decade of bigger success and greater glories:-)

Journo? said...

toh kar hi lye 29 basant poore