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November 8, 2011

Book Review - 55 : The Promise

Author: Chital Mehta
Publisher: Mahaveer Publishers

Ajay is thrown out of his home because he don't want to join dad's business and just want to enjoy life without taking any responsibilities. Yes, Wake-up-Sid kinds. He joins CAT classes, falls in love with the coaching institute owner's daughter and the drama continues. Meanwhile, he has made a promise to do something in life with his mother and to marry the girl when he becomes that someone. Will he be able to fulfill his promises? Step into this world of friendship, love and confusion where Ajay discovers the true meaning of life.

It is tough to take such a book seriously when the author hardly tries to take the writing seriously. There are logical loopholes which will make your jaw drop. Sample these: How does Ajay get money to eat those pizzas n colas all the time? How does he get admission into CAT coaching? How does he get money to roam around on bikes when he hardly bother to work? Plot points like father putting the daughter under house arrest and a dud becoming a dude by cracking CAT are as old as the Indus valley civilization.

There is so much whining and cribbing all the time, you feel like screeching a board with fingernails. The female Author does a decent job in portraying emotions of men and Ajay's bond with his friends, but the writing is too simplistic and does not provides anything new in terms of content. There is hardly any predictability and too many similar incidents taken straight off Nicholos Sparks novels is not very original writing as well.

I am going with 1.5/5 for Chital Mehta's 'The Promise'. It is a book written with sincerity, albeit with very little logic and originality. It plays on your patience and goes on and on with the nonsense adventures of the lead protagonist. Read it if you have nothing better to do.

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