Looking for Love?

November 20, 2011

Can love realise our true self?

How do you go about trusting people in this materialistic world - by their words, expressions or actions? In these days where online relationships are more or at least equally important for people, the line for trusting people is definitely getting blurred. People cover themselves so brilliantly, i wonder even they themselves are able to uncover that mask easily. Or may be they just learn to live by it. In any case, it is much easier to live with the mask on than be honest. But then how do you maintain honest, true relationships? Do you ever realise your true self? Do you ever realise the truth of love in relationships? Do you ever realise the honesty of the relationships you are in? It is just like being in fog, you know the destination but can't find a way to reach there. Isn't it?

I have always believed that every relationship - long or short, close or far teaches something. If it does not change you as a person, it at least allows you to form an opinion about people in your future relationships. But is that opinion always correct? How many times people judge their current relationships with what happened in the past? How many times people in your current relationships suffer because of your past? How many times people your current friendships do not go a step forward in the relationship, something which should have been so natural, so easy, so convincing...just because of your past. Just because certain people like to keep a mask on... to keep having that ostrich mentality as if nothing has happened....nothing will happen if you lose one relationship, nothing will happen if you lose one more relationship.

To realise one true self, to be on your own... you don't have to hide behind anyone or anything. Just make yourself busy, so busy you don't realise the pain of not being in love or in a relationship. Time doesn't heal relationships, it is all bull shit. What you do in that time heals relationships. What you achieve in that time heals relationships. What you learn and unlearn about human tendencies heals relationships. Then may be, just may be... you will find the real self of love, and hopefully, yourself too.


Suruchi said...

My god-makes me wonder if everything's okay?
And yes, every relationship is a lesson learnt-a pleasant or an essential one-it is never a bad one, if there was ever love concerned with it!

That's one helluva advice but I guess relationships define us and we really don't know our true selves for often it changes with people whom we associate...not that we put up different masks-but different people bring out varied facets of our personality! That's what I think:-)

Soul said...

Love is a crazy thing. It reaches to the deepest core of your heart and stays there forever but again that's my experience. I am not sure if I will ever feel again though I really want to.. But dekhte hai

The Survivor said...

Love does have the power to make one elevate but realizing one true self is something that comes from within and support of others who helps reach that path.

To heal one self in relationships need time, no matter how busy one make themselves in, unless one is ready to move on, the past will linger on the back.

Gargi Gupta said...

The last para is powerful..a lot of take aways from this post of yours