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November 22, 2011

Notes on Rohit Arora's TransGanization

Author: Rohit Arora
Publisher: Times Group Books

Rating: 3/5

TransGanization, the book is a collection of thoughts on how operationally organizations face growth trajectory problems. The content also gives explanation on the strategic approach to molding organizational dynamics when organization is moving to a more structured way of working from a free energy of entrepreneur set-up. It is neatly packaged, short, concise book which does not beat around the bush and provides a succinct way of bringing around the required changes in an organization.

The process of changing the organizational genetics at the time of changing market scenarion or changing business model or during the phase-shift from one state to another is called TransGanization. This process involves changing people, processes systems, leadership, culture and other internal aspects to sustain competitive advantage and growth. Inspired by the different species from the movie 'Avatar', the author adapts the same concept into the business, by incorporating the needs of people, policies and procedures into the business model before incorporating changes.

It contains a hands-on set of problem-solving instruments as well as tools through which they can determine where they or their organization stands and the ways the gap can be eliminated between where it is at present and where it should be relative to the transganization paradigm. The DVD is excellent, with high quality video explaining the concepts and a detailed interview with the author. In fact, i enjoyed the DVD more than the book. A worthy read if you are an entrepreneur looking to make some sweeping changes into the business model or planning to incorporate innovations in the system.

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