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November 7, 2011

What matters in the end is the truth....

What matters in the end is the truth.

Perhaps there is reason to believe the philosopher who realized, to his dismay, that the truth is precisely that which is transformed the instant it is revealed, becoming thereby only one of many possible opinions, open to debate, disagreement, controversy, but also, inevitably to mystification.

In other words, there is no truth.

Put differently, truth is that which inevitably contradicts itself.

- The Storyteller of Marrakesh (Pg6, 2011)

What is truth? Your version or my version. Or somewhere in between. Is it the version in which i was right and i thought everyone else was wrong or the version in which the other person was right and i was terribly wrong. People like to say the truth, but fear follows. They want to hide the truth, but guilt follows. You see, truth is such a bitch.

Truth is such a natural question, yet has the most artificial answers. Truth is answered on the face value, yet truth is the one used as a dagger in the backside. Truth destroys arguments between people, it constructs bridges of trust between people. Truth raises objections in the mind, it clears hesitation in the matter of minutes. You see, truth is such a bitch.

Truth puts the facts in structured notions - yes or no. There is no other option. There is no alternative. The key to truth is just a relation between you and the world. Truth is singular, not just merely turn of a phrase, but a reflection of the monastic idealism. A grey area in which individual beliefs and judgements are not the complete truth. An individual has to wriggle with it, deliberate with it, fight with it, overcome it. Only then the real truth prevails. You see, truth is such a bitch.

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Whuaat? said...

Absolutely! Everyone has their own "truth"
Nice blog.