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December 30, 2011

New Year Resolutions - A Reality Check

Every New Year people talk about resolutions, changes, promises, goals and dreams. We will do this and we will do that. So many things to cater to, so many results to be achieved. And then in nothing less than a month, people forget those resolutions. They fail to make those changes, keep those promises, finish those goals and follow those dreams. Why? Well they give lots of excuses. And those excuses always include, usually blaming everyone and everything but themselves!

While it's true that the choices others make affect each of our lives to a certain degree, in no way do they decide your life as a whole. No one has that level of control over you. No one! Well, except yourself. You control you. And you are fully responsible for you, for your life, for your choices. Period.

Making new year resolutions is a fad, not following them is a bigger fad. And making a big issues out of it is sick and at times, quite disgusting. We live in a finger pointing, shame blaming world. People hate taking responsibility when they mess up and fail. But they love taking full responsibility when they succeed! It's a selfish kind of love. It's why I roll my eyes when I read a blog post about someone who goes on and on about how much ass they are kicking in life, but they never share how much they've had their ass kicked by life. It's just not a pretty portrait to paint, therefore they don't paint it. Not only is it not a realistic portrait of who they truly are, it's not beautiful. There is beauty in struggle. And there's even more beauty in having the courage to share one's personal struggle.

If you really want some kind of new year resolution - make the one to share your own story. Your own personal struggles to make things meet, show how they finally reached this front of year. And that is indeed my new year resolution, after completing the dream, will share my own struggle story before the end of 2012.


mêlée said...

"There is beauty in struggle." so true, so good!

Smita said...

Happy New Year :)