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December 22, 2011

Quote-Unqoute of Love

"Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life...You give them a piece of you. They didn't ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like 'maybe we should be just friends' turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love" - Neil Gaiman

"Have you ever been in love? Beautiful, isn't it? It makes you so secure. It makes you want to give happiness to others and creates happiness for others. It means someone can make you feel suave from inside and melt you like no one ever has. You build up walls to stop people from coming in, so that no one comes and be selfish with you. Then one extra-ordinary person, no different from any other ordinary person, wanders into your ordinary share a piece of yourself, uninhibited, without even thinking. They do something stupid one day, like kiss you, and then your life isn't the same anymore. Love makes you hostage, a parasite living on others life. It dissolves inside you. It bobbles up your enthusiasm and leaves you possessed on to something, so simple a phrase like 'may be we can be more than friends' turns into a rose petals throwing fragrance wafting all the way into your heart. Love swells and roars. Love fly and kicks. Not just in the heart. Not just in the mind. Not just in the body. It's a soul-stirring, a real gets-inside-you-and-robs-you-apart touch. I love love" - Amit Kumar Gupta


Edward said...

Epic stuff, bro:-)
And the best/worst part is that both the comments are totally true!

Suruchi said...

Amit Kumar Gupta is as good if not better than Neil Gaimen...and you are so right when you say that love is soul is then the true test!:-)

alka narula said...

verrry nice post...1of the best posts i have ever are surely gifted