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January 5, 2012

Book Review - 65 : When a Lawyer Falls in Love

Author: Amrita Suresh
Publisher: Offshoots

Ankur Palekar, a third year law student believes his life is quite sorted out, except that he does not want to become a lawyer, has a family history of lunacy and has actually fallen in love. Vyas, Ankur's roommate and best friend, has no such problems - only a girlfriend who emerges from a grave yard of all places and who insists on visiting him in his boys' hostel. A Malayali friend, whose car never starts and vocal chords never stop, a college festival being organized without the college and an arranged marriage which is more deranged than arranged!

When a lawyer falls in love is a terrible, cliche title for a book that is actually not so bad but could have been much better. Keep aside the usual college romance, where the book actually falters is the fact that it has little or no association with lawyers. Come to think of it, if you are writing a story about a law college and students, at least delve into a little detail about the making of these budding lawyers. That's where i felt let down. It touches this plot-point only at the surface level, not making much efforts sufficiently into the complexities of becoming a lawyer. Instead what we get is a whole host of palmistry and astrology gyaan which to be frank is bit of a drag.

Having said that, there are portions written with sincerity and makes you relate to the whole range of characters without being over sentimental or cheesy. The editing is tight, and even though it could have done without those awkward clauses and pauses, it still holds on to its own when it comes to portraying the quintessential Bollywood type romance. There are few illogical turns in the narrative - like those living on campus switching to corresponding courses, students searching for those corporate jobs from year 3 and so on. But with competent writing and cheek-in-tongue jovial moments, you manages to finish the book in real quick time.

I am going with generous (2+0.5=)2.5/5 for Amrita Suresh, 'When a Lawyer falls in Love'. If you are a fan of chiclits and campus novels, you should like this. For others, don't read with too many expectations and perhaps, you will not be disappointed.

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