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January 4, 2012

Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol : An exciting ride

Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol is an enthralling, exciting ride albeit ridden with preposterous scenarios and very little logic. It brings fun and action elements pervasive in the first three installments of MI series and presents an action-packed, adrenaline pumping journey which audience will love to be part of.

Tom Cruise returns to reprise his role of IMF agent, Ethan Hunt.  His team on this new mission comprises sexy but tough Jane Carter (Paula Patton), gadget-junkie Benji (Simon Pegg) and a cocky desk analyst William Brandt (Jeremy Renner). Together they must overcome all ‘limitless’ obstacles – including being disowned by the US Presidentwhen they're falsely blamed for bombing the Kremlin in their pursuit of crazy Russian businessman Kurt Hendricks (Michael Nvqvist), who by the way is determined to blow up the world using nuclear weapons.

The most exciting scene of the movie is when Ethun Hunt scales Dubai's 2500 odd-foot Burj Khalifa with nothing more than a pair of gloves. It is a brilliantly shot break-in sequence which makes you clutch your seat a little tighter.This is followed by a brilliant chase in the sandstorm giving you all the required goosebumps you expect in an action thriller. Ultimately, what takes the level to a higher level is the child-like enthusiastic attitude of Tom Cruise who gave his all to the character.

As expected, Anil Kapoor appears in a blink-and-miss role of Indian business tycoon, Brijnath. He is sleazy and utter lame dialogues such as ‘all Indian men are HOT’. The length and the impact of such a role again raise important concerns about Indian actors’ crossing over to Hollywood with very little to do or get in terms of quality roles. Why Indian actors vouch for such meaningless roles with the hope of ‘crossing over’ to Hollywood - a question remains unanswered. Nevertheless, it was sporting of him to allow being slapped and kicked by the curvaceous Paula Patton.

In the end, MI - GP is a perfect popcorn munching, seat clutching thriller. Watch it because it brings backs the fun just like seen in the last three installments.

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