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February 13, 2012

Book Review - 70 : Navrasa by Lotus

Author: Rajiv Kumar
Publisher: Frog Books

'Navarasa by Lotus' tells interlinked stories of a fading movie star; a youth accidentally taking form of a masked vigilante; a mosquito determined to fight human domination; an unmarried couple on the verge of break up; a woman who is terrified of her dream; a school kid struggling to vent his anger; Fate of our society post 2012; Rajiv's addictions; and Anand's redemption... The result is a collection of nine stories of different genres, each being a tribute to the rasa: humour, love, disgust, heroism, wonder, fury, horror, peace and compassion. These nine stories are interwoven with recurring characters and situations. There are surprises galore in each of the stories but it does take time to get used to that 'recurring factor' in each of them.

I particularly liked 'Mutiny' in which rebellious mosquito is determined to devise ways to combat humans. With interesting name conventions and a tight narrative, this is the best story of the lot. T20 had an interesting premise and delves with human relationships effectively though the grammatical mistakes were too high to ignore. 'Loop' is another intriguing story in which girl is entangled in a specific loop on a specific day at a specific point in life. 'Redemption' link all these stories together, and even though it is the shortest it is probably the most important story in the book. The idea of having connecting all the stories by a single link is not new, but is done intelligently enough to draw your interest.

I am going with generous (2+0.5=) 3/5 for Rajiv Kumar's 'Navrasa by Lotus'. Look beyond the repetitions in certain portions of the stories and judge them at an individual level. Each of them has a good heart beating inside and deserves your attention. Read it with no expectations, and probably you will not be disappointed.

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Oldfox004 said...

2 + 0.5 = 2.5 :)

concept badiya hain book ka..

so what if i don't have time to read books..reading your reviews is enough:)