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February 27, 2012

Book Review - 72 : Faceless

Author: Tapan Ghosh
Publisher: Frog Books

The blurb on the book says 'soon to be made into a motion picture'. If i meet the producer tomorrow morning, i would advise him to stay away from this one and save some money. Faceless by Tapan Ghosh is a mixture of everything, yet nothing. The story line is as dead as the dildo in the bin, which incidentally is the starting point of the story. This particular plot point is used mainly as a shock reference and does not compensate in any way for the monotonous tone or an overdose of philosophy and wisdom in the narrative.

Embarrassed about mistaking a vibrator for a bomb, the anti terror squad go looking for its owner. This silly piece then proceeds to introduce each of the characters, Khush, Shom, Swapna, Natasha and Sara in a sequential way each having a back story to bank upon. Things get interesting when Raima meets Shom. They are mutually attracted, fall in love and at last find their true soul mates in each other! Their sensual and passionate love is the crux of the story. Will their love survive the test of time? Or will they desert each other?

Lying solely on sexual innuedos and two-faced jokes, it is hardly original writing and heavily borrows from those American sit-coms. Alas, if it was even half as entertaining, it would have made my reading day. The plot is clumsy, punctuated with awkward scenes and cringing dialogues and even the transition between the various plot points is hardly seamless. Even the climax, inspired from a Class-A recent Bollywood thriller is also a cop-out and does not engage you enough to forget it flaws.

The constant 'i wanna be cool' repartee and expletive-laden language gets boring after a while, mainly because each of them is followed by a half-baked, unconvincing plot point that clearly stretches your imagination to absurd regions. It is not a hard read, pacing is fast and language lucid; but you can't compensate for something as basic as a storyline in such a quick metro read.

I am going with 1.5/5 for Tapan Ghosh's 'Faceless'. Save your face, stay away from reading it. There are many good things to do in life, reading this one is definitely not one of them.

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the girl on the sketch looks like Raveena Tandon, no?