Looking for Love?

February 26, 2012

Life is what you make it...

If you win you're a genius, and if you lose you're a dunce. Isn't, it? The life is all about achievements, overcoming challenges, making and spending money. Is life actually so one-dimensional or we allow ourselves to snuggle into a world of comfort. A world where your life becomes not just monotonous, but meaningless. A world where things are on hold, still you can't make heads and tails of it.

Life is tough, but then who said it is going to be easy. It was never meant to be and it never will be. Overcoming difficult situations ultimately becomes part of life, part of the system, part of you as an individual. There is no fun in having things on the platter or not struggling to have things going for you. Things in life should not come easy, you lose the meaning of trying hard for success.

You got to understand that in life most people are well intentioned, world is fundamentally and essentially a good, rather great place to live in. There are too many good things to explore, to find, to observe that there can be any negativity allowed in life. If things don't work out on time, they will in long run. They have to work out, they deserve to work out if you persevere long.

Life is what you make it, life is what we think we can make it, life is what we should make it and we will make it. Life is too short for fights, too small for prejudices and too long for keep making love. Grab the chances, they will be less but surely there will be. To keep moving, inch by inch, column by column. You will get there. One day, some day, in this life.


Aman said...

Love it! thanks for the optimism!

Oldfox004 said...

wow! u've become a guru!