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March 19, 2012

Book Review - 75 : When Monday Was Over

Author: Titus Manickam
Publisher: Frog Books

Fred Nicholson is successful and rich. He owns many companies, and he is only 38. Yet something inside him keeps prodding him to steal. He cannot resist the thrill. He steals not because there is any need, but because he gets an insidious kick out of it. Fred steals money meant for an ATM in New York and sends the police in a tizzy. All they come against are dead-ends. It is the perfect heist. Fred now eyes the world’s largest diamond. He steals it and in the process he falls in love with a young and beautiful woman. She is nobody’s fool. Where will Fred go from here? Will he be able to pull off this high-profile robbery? Will love become his undoing or will it rescue him?

When Monday was over starts briskly, suck you into the world of greed with a robbery and then starts concentrating on the personal life of Fred. This crucial, but arguably deterrent plot-point robs off some of the sheen from an otherwise fast-pace thriller. There is no harm in showing the human side of this kleptomaniac person but it goes overboard in portraying that particular trait and hence, gets away from the basic premise of a thriller. In the end, it becomes a mixture of different genres - be it romance, thriller, action; none of them strong enough to sustain on its own.

If you can overlook some of the cliches and a sagging middle portion, there are few things to like in the book. The pace is brisk, the editing fairly tight and the conversations between the characters is the soul of the book. Most of them stems from the cockiness of the main leads but ultimately provides credence to the flow of the narrative.

I am going with 2.5/5 for Titus Manickam's 'When Monday was Over'. A little more effort in keeping with the tone of a thriller would have gone a long way in making the book far more richer. In its current form, it misses the target by a whisker.

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