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March 10, 2012

Collision of The Past & The Present

Bumping into exes with their currents is weird. Like really weird. Specially when it is completely unexpected, you are at an emotional low and work-stressed. The first thought which comes into your mind seeing her (of course,with someone else!) - Thank God, it could have been me! :D

You see...meeting someone whom you knew at some point for a long time means chaos. Big time. You are damn too familiar with their habits, their nuances, their actions and hell, even their gestures. That tensed habit of playing with the wrist watch, that action of putting the titian hair behind the ears, that irritating habit of twitching the eyebrows, that nuances of saying 'Hello' while titling your head towards right, that upright stand on your toes when to say 'alright'. It just seems so familiar. Like, time has flown but nothing has changed. Like, time has stopped but you have changed.

There is an air of unexpectedness and anguish.  There are unspoken words and unheard murmurs. The emotions which engulf you at that moment leave you in the awe of the unknown and fascinated with the familiar. There are ephemeral glimpses of the past and a collapse of an almost useless life. There are broken images and dreams, there are unfulfilled promises and desires. You see, such is love and its eccentricities. They collide and crashes both, your past and the present.

PS: On the other side, there is an irresistible temptation to be snarky, rude or distant to the person alongside her. However, my mother's advice to be nice to snakes and spiders still hold in my life.


Little Girl Lost said...

I've never had that happen to me, but I've wondered what it would be like. Not exactly painful, maybe, if you've moved on. weird is the word. Like seeing someone wear wear old shirt you discarded ages back...

Butterfly Thoughts said...

Brought back some thoughts. nevertheless its not easy i know.

Oldfox004 said...

hmmmm...this is one thing i have yet to affairs, no break-ups so no snarkiness:)

God help you, if you need that still..