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April 29, 2012

Book Review - 79 : In the name of Luuuv

Author: Chandra Mehendrou
Publisher: Tinkan Publication

In the name of Luuuv is a terrible, cliche title for a book that is actually not so bad. A collection of 5 short stories set over various age groups and diverse time periods is a sincere attempt to find THAT elusive true love. Inherently Dil-to-pagal-hain in its theme, it has flavours for all kind of questions in love but thankfully it never makes the mistake of turning into sentimental or sappy book.

The stories aren't particularly imaginative or inventive, but the book moves briskly and has a consistent tone. The book works even when the author hammers the point of today' youth being obsessed with jumping from one relationship to another, and far away from indulging in some serious emotional BS. Much of that negativity is complemented by strong central characters which have a mind of their own and even though they have seen worse of times being in relationship, they believe in themselves and follow their instincts.

Thoughts of Maya is told from the perspective of an old man and his incomplete love story. Think of Love-Aaj-Kal's Rishi Kapoor with a women by her side to pour in the details of a period romance. True Love at first Click is the longest story in the book about two people who meet through Facebook and marry, only to let the woman realize the disastrous repercussions of an hasty act. Together Forever has an inherent sincerity attached towards it which is irresistibly captivating. It brings home the point that everyone leaves eventually, be it through death or choice or distance. The sooner you accept the fact, the happier you will be in life. Tale of Love and Deceit set in a time period of raja-maharaja shows how emotions of love remain the same, though the parameters around it changes with time and become more complex. Till I can Create Love is a roller-coaster ride about the eccentricities of love at your work place and how complex it can make life.

The only let down is the mixture of fiction and non-fiction portions which take away a seamless feel from the narrative. However, if you are looking for a quick chi-lit break, this is a perfect set-up. Almost all the stories maintain a brisk pace and all the character recover from heartbreak and betrayal without too much of a fuss. I am going with 3/5 for Chandra Mehendrou's 'In the name of Luuv'. Like the demographic it represents and targets, the book makes for good company, and isn't meant to be analyzed too seriously. An enjoyable one-time read.

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