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April 15, 2012

Rahul Dravid : The Last Genteman Indian Cricketer

[Really late, but the post somehow remained in the drafts after being written and i forgot to click 'publish']

Dasvidaniya Dravid.

There will be no Rahul Dravid again. There just can't be. Never. Period. 

Kolkata. Adelaide. Rawalpindi. Jamaica. Oval. Durban. The memories are too many and words too less to describe what you have done for Indian cricket. I guess the real worth of you will be realised once India goes overseas (which is scheduled almost 20 months away, the tour to South Africa in Dec 2013). Imagine on a green pitch, Indian 10-1 and there is no Dravid to counter the seam, the bounce and the swing. It is an incredibly discomforting to even imagine that.

You took over the wicketkeeping gloves which make you look awkward on the field, but made the Indian team look so good. You will be remembered as probably the last classic batsmen and the gentleman, unlike most Indians, unlike most sportsmen. There is only one word which personifies you - RESPECT.


Priya Joyce said...

Hats off to that man!!

Tall Guy said...

Very well said.

There is only one thing that comes for is respect from the heart.

Truly no one comes as close to him. Hats off to him.