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April 22, 2012

The 'Wall' Conversations...

She: I miss you.
He: Thanks, much appreciated.
She: Oh hello, i am not your client.
He: Really, i thought so.
She: How rude is that?
He: Tit for Tat
She: What did i do?
He: You did not 'like' my last status.
She: Big deal?
He: It was for you.
She: I see.
He: You better see.
She: OK, chill
He: Ya right, what difference it makes to you?
She: Oh ho, i was  just lazy.
He: Lazy enough not to 'like' my message.
She: Hmm..
He: Disgusting.
She: Why are you making such a big deal of it?
He: Am i ?
She: I did not said anything when 3 days ago you did not commented on my SM.
He: So is this some kind of revenge?
She: Noooo....
He: Then what the fuck is this?
She: I said, i was just lazy.
He: Fine.
She: What u did whole day?
He: Nothing much, n u?
She: Went for a hair cut.
He: You said you were lazy.
She: Ya, but not for a hair cut
He: Right.
She: Now don't make it an issue
He: I did not say any thing.
She: You were about to say.
He: You are assuming.
She: You are over reacting
He: You are mad
She: You are super mad.
He: I missed you.
She: Thanks, much appreciated.
He: You......
She: ....Love me.
He: No, i don't
She: You do, liar.
He: OK, if you don't realize, this wall is public.
She: So?
He: people can read our conversations.
She: Good na...
He: I don't want that.
She: Why?
He: I am not comfortable.
She: Then be uncomfortable.
He: Shut up, come on gtalk
She: I am not coming.
He: Why?
She: Mera man...
He: Your man.....that's me. Now, come online.
She: He he, ok fine coming.
He: Good.
She: First give me a kiss
He: No
She: Yes
He: Just one.
She: No, two.
He: I am not giving.
She: I am not coming.
He: Fine, :-* :-*
She: Cool.
He: Now come on Gtalk.
She: I am already there.
He: What?
She: yes, i was invisible. Just pinged you.
He: I will kill you.
She: With your anger, sure.
He: With my love.
She: Ahem ahem, Sadistic lover.
He: Let me show you some nifty moves next time.
She: *Yawn*
He: Thappad khana hain...
She: nahin, khaana khaya hain.
He: Treat this thappad as dessert.
She: I wish you offered something else.
He: You are not that lucky.
She: (smirks) Yes, i am dying to be lucky with you.
He: Whatever. let's talk on Gtalk.
She: OK
He: Remove this wall post.
She: Why? this is a proof of your sadistic nature.
He: Soon it will be a proof of a murder too, so remove.
She: Fine.
He: Good, over to Gtalk.

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Vyadhi said...

That was an awesome conversation! :D