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June 11, 2012

Book Review - 83 : Not Just Fate

Author: Shilpa Arora Sharma
Publisher: Pigeon Books

Not Just Fate is a grossly overwritten book, which goes in circle in the middle portions without achieving much of substance. What it desperately required is a deft touch of a good editor who could have cut down tremendously on the material to make it a taut, engrossing thriller. It sucks the fun out of the ride seeing so many plot-points which contribute nothing to the main narrative.

This is not to take way the earnestness with which author tries to string together the various events in the lives of various protagonists and even, the antagonists.
The author throws in every possible twist turn just like a Bollywood potboiler - love triangle, corporate politics, underworld, revenge drama, friendship and bit of cuss words to show the 'coolness' quotient. Without giving away the key twist, let's say the handling of 'all the revenge drama' by the main leads saves the day in this book.

The book start with three principal characters - Nivedita, Shriya and Kaya and things are smooth till the author starts to bestow us with a new character every other chapter. Things become messy, narrative dwindle and there is very little emotional heist you get out of the growth of these three leads. It is a fresh take on revenge drama but ultimately led down by over-writing.

I am going with 2.5/5 for Shilpa Arora Sharma's 'Not Just Fate'. There are lot of positives from the writing style and engaging curvature, unfortunately it just becomes a little too laborious to make you feel satisfied within a Sunday afternoon reading session.

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