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July 11, 2012

Change of Coordinates, Delhi to Pune

Ok, i know this is around 10 days late. But yes, i have moved from Delhi to Pune. Those who know me well, you can stop rolling your eyes. Yes, indeed i have left Delhi and moved to somewhere else in India.

As expected, lot of things has happened. Here is a little gist :

Resigned from my previous job with one-day notice period. I know it sounds crazy but i think i planned and managed the work-load well. Tried completing most of the projects on hand or at least leave them in a "logical" state. Most of the people were shocked and i quite liked it.

Had couple of weeks off before i joined here in Pune. Read around 10 books. Slept like a Dog. Had a mini vacation. Caught up with old friends and regretted it immediately. Shopped around till my credit card limit was exhausted. In short, advice to everyone - take a break in between jobs. There is nothing like recharging your batteries to full.

It's again back to living alone and doing the daily chores. Reminds me of MBA days in Australia. But it is not that bad and kinda liking it so far. I think it is much easier here in India since things are provided at platter and domestic help is easily available. Crazy work and travel schedule though is taking its toll.

Weather has been awesome so far with monsoon setting in, a welcome breather from the scorching summer heat of Delhi. It was burning there, it is raining here. I am liking it though i must say it is getting monotonous having rainy or non-shady days all the time.

So, there you are. Little short nuggets from my life so far here. Will post in more as we go along, and will be back soon with more writings. This reminds me, i need a label for Pune Posts. Pour in your suggestions!

PS: I am going back to Delhi tomorrow for a conference for couple of days. Don't even feel like i came here. But anything for Mom-cooked food, you see!



enjoy pune.. Its better than Delhi. .at lease weather ... :)

muthu said...

Change does add a fresh breath to life. Have a great time at Pune.

Oldfox004 said...

Welcome to Pune!!

you will start loving it more than Delhi;)

pune posts ko label...hmmm...'Puneri Misal'?!

mêlée said...

taking breaks in between jobs is cool! All the best for the new phase :)