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September 6, 2012

Book Review - 91 : Ten Days

Author : Azharuddin
Publisher : General Press

Caught in the carnage Down Under in Australia, Zeeshan Akhtarlies wrecked when Amanda Stewart comes to his rescue. She peels off slowly each layer of his life to make him realize his shortcomings,loopholes, desires and dreams during the casual repartee they exchange and which act as his life saviour.

Zeeshan, after ten days of vital rehabilitation and recuperation, flies off to India forever to the love of his life and his family without whom he feels incomplete. He, however, leaves Amanda back in Australia, gifting her feeling of eternal incompleteness as she had fallen in love for the first time unluckily with an extraterrestrial like Zeeshan. Tried as she might have been, she is unable to express her personal feelings in front of him nor she is able to do so behind him.

You would think that the author tried to get a lot ahead of himself with this novel and almost write this off as a cliche, but you couldn't be more surprised. The story is more about Zeeshan's self-discovery, with the backdrop of the Australia attacks but the whole matter is written with heavy hand, almost trying too hard to fit in everything and ultimately misses the point big time.

The biggest issue is the story here which is as flat as Kareena Kapoor's stomach and is hardly gripping. The back cover encapsulates all the turns and twists, so you would wonder why there is a need to read the book at all. Racism is a big issue which requires sensitivity and detailing to make a good read in the fiction form but it just skims the surface regarding the main issue and concentrates on the love story (which in itself is quite uninteresting).

I am going with 1/5 for Azharduddin's 'Ten Day's. It is written with deathly tone and language reeks of pretentious usage of word. Read it at your own risk!

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