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November 21, 2012

Book Review - 100 : (In)eligible Bachelors

Author : Ruchita Misra
Publisher : Rupa & Co

Written in the form of a diary in the first person, the book talks about Misra’s protagonist, Kasturi Shukla, a 24 year old pretty middle-class girl from one of India’s finest B-schools. Happy-go-lucky Kasturi has some really grave problems of her own, the topmost of which include her mother, who is hellbent upon marrying her off as soon as possible. And she wouldn't hear a NO from Kasturi on that matter. Kasturi’s father has no say in the matter and chooses to remain outside than watch mother-daughter fighting it out at home. Rest of the story is about men in her life and the complications there after.

The book works typically as yet another chick-lit, saved tremendously by witting writing by the author. It is not path breaking writing nor it intends to, but just allows you to have a time-pass read. The twist in the story is too close to the twist in Chetan Bhagat's debut novel 'Five Point Someone' and there are too many formulaic incidents for my liking. Grammatical errors apart (i read the first print), the book is fast paced and does not delve too deeply into any of the issues it claims to be handling in the narrative.

The writer makes some interesting points but coincidence is one big plot twist which is thrown in so often, it is clear that the author has taken the convenient route than a harder one. Even though occasionally indulgent, the book moves at a brisk pace and dwells little on the major plot points. The lead character, Kasturi is charming yet displays vulnerability as easily as cockiness. The author did manages to bring out the dichotomies of her life well and influence of other characters are bounced off well.

I am going with generous 2.5/5 for Ruchita Misra's '(In)Eligible Bachelors'. Read within realms of a chick-lit and you will not be disappointed with the book. It is a witty, fast pace read which is good time pass read for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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