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November 25, 2012

Book Review - 101 : The Celestial Hunt

Publisher : Kaveri Pathippakam
Author : R. Devikumar

The plot starts in the city of Vizag -India, with Rajesh, the son of a renowned writer Ram, picking up a mysterious book named “Providential Psyches’ authored by Sangfrod.In the meantime, Eliza meets Graham on Boracay Island – Philippines, and presents him with a painting with the name Sangfrod engraved at its bottom and asks him to decipher it. Anil, physicist and the protagonist, designs a time machine and selects three people – a wicked politician, a powerful religious leader notorious for inciting communal tensions and a terrorist kingpin, for a time travel.

The author starts with an interesting premise and that particular interest in the exploring this genre is evident from the preface itself. He makes some genuine observations about the time travel and situations the various characters find themselves in but the writing is full of grammatical, punctuation, spelling and English usage is particularly terrible. All this takes away from the experience of reading the book which is sad because it had the potential to be much better.

I am going with 1.5/5 for R.Devikumar's 'Celestial Hunt'. It deserved better editing and publishing, it would have been far more rewarding read.

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