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September 12, 2012

Book Review - 92 : How I Braved Anu Aunty & co-founded a Million Dollar Company

Publisher : Rupa & Co.
Author : Varun Agarwal

'How i braved Anu Aunty and Co-founded a Million Dollar Company' is entrepreneur and author Varun Agarwal's story who is an alumnus of the Bishop Cotton Boy's School, and the co-founder of Alma Mater (a website dealing with school memorabilia). The story is straight forward, reiterating the theme of following your dreams even when a pushy Anu Auntie is all set to thwart your professional ambitions when they are just taking shape to fly off.

The book is a breezy read with SMS lingo and cuss words thrown in like a routine. The pace is brisk and even though it does get preachy by those "in-liners about entrepreneurship , the basic motivation of penning down the book remain with you. How you should not give up after initial hiccups of starting your own company, how a small idea can be made big if due diligence is done and how one needs to follow the heart at all times, yet be ruthless in the competition.

It completely helps that even though some of the incidents may be fictionalized, most scenes are straight out of real life and duly inspired from author's own experiences of setting up this company which is valued at over million dollars. However, the book has little to dwell on the partner Rohan Malhotra efforts in taking forward this venture and that to me stuck out like a big sore thumb.

I am going with 3/5 for  Varun Agarwal's debut novel. It is a fast read, just don't delve too much into looking for any textures or subtleties. Enjoy it for what it was intended to be, one time read to allow you to think about entrepreneurship, nothing more.

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