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December 22, 2012

Book Review - 106 : Jack Patel's Dubai Dreams

Author : P.G. Bhaskar
Publisher : Penguin Metro Reads

Jaikishan Patel belongs to a traditional Gujarati family but follows his passion, stepping into the glamorous, jet-setting world of investment and private banking. Jai is soon transformed into Dubai-based ‘Jack’ Patel, a hugely successful financial advisor in an American brokerage house. His life seems like a dream come true. He cracks a whopping million- dollar revenue target, receives an indecent proposal from a client’s wife and even manages to keep up with the latest Bollywood item numbers to impress the girl who is tugging at his heart. But just when life seems perfect, recession hits the world economy. And right before Jack’s eyes his world begins to fall apart . . . Will he lose the love of his life too? Or will things look up in the end?

Going by the author interviews, the book is a semi-autobiographical account of writer's own experiences during a recession hit market and how his own professional career in wealth management took a nosedive. Written in those dark days, it provided him a breather from the quotidian activities at the work desk. It is an uncomplicated tale of the complexities of life.

The financial jargon is kept to a minimum to avoid cramming in brains for the lay man. The pacing is brisk, editing relatively tight and the narrative moves forward without too many plot spoils. However, it does not take away from the fact that there is such flat tone to the whole story that you are left wondering being in a finance induction program. The author monotonously takes you to the whole recession episode and that's where you feel let down. There are splashes of humour and irony but in the end context, they are few and far in between.

However, the book actually is far away from the trash. The way writer builds up the psyche of Jack with his clients is commendable and an endearing quality emerges for him among the difficult situations. The writing is contemporary and will remind of your own professional situations, something which you can relate to. He is authentic in the portrayal of gamut of emotions - anger, anxiety, irritation, hopelessness and depression.

I am going with 2.5/5 for P.G. Bhaskar debut novel, 'Jack Patel's Dubai Dreams'. The book is written in deathly serious tone and there are very few moments of relief.  Read it if you want to explore a new world of  wealth management domain in the financial industry.

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