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February 12, 2013

Special 26 & the no-heroine clause

I absolutely loved Neeraj Pandey's debut movie - 'A Wednesday' and it remains one of my most favourite movies of last decade. And i hate to acknowledge, i did went in to see 'Special 26' this week with bit of expectations and even though i loved major portion of it, certain bits left me terribly disappointed.

Everybody walks in the movie. Brisk walk. Slow walk. Walk with smug. Walk with style. Walk when anxious. Walk when excited. There is so much walking in the movie that you tend to forget at times that there are certain absolute gem of nuances quietly seeped in the screenplay. My most favourite scene of the movie, however, remains the action sequence for the introduction of     Manoj Vajpayee in a rechristened 1980's CP. Watch the subtle things of art design - 'Only Vimal' Logo, those old number plates on the auto or even the blue line buses, those cleaner passages without hawkers and many more. 

What ultimately ruined a fairly good movie was the romantic track of Akshay Kumar with Kajal which does nothing but give some cheap reason of redemption to the central protagonist. Not to forget, it slows down the narrative and sucks energy out of otherwise fairly brisk proceedings. May be time has come for Bollywood to say a no-heroine (or no-hero, if the script demands ala Kahaani) clause to their films. Putting a romantic character just for the sake of it is so frigging irritating. May be that's why we will never be able to match up to the Hollywood potential. At least, in terms of script vision.

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