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April 10, 2013

Book Review - 120 : One Last Time

Author : Shubham Arora
Publisher : Paper Clip Books

Ishaan and Tithi grow up together in Ambala, meet again in Delhi and fall in love. They get into a long distance relationship because Ishaan has to move to New York for his studies. One fine day, Ishaan gets a phone call from Tithi who is about to be married and he sets off to meet her on a flight. From there on, the narrative alternates between past and the present and takes us through their love life from their childhood till date.

In between, there is a cricketer angle thrown in. A cricket match rambles on for a good 10 pages which does nothing to add to the story. In fact, there are many detours which does not contribute much to the main naarative. And there lies the biggest problem of the book. It is just a collection of scenes pieced together with little thinking behind how to unfold drama in these scenes. In the end, it just read so familiar and borderline boring.

The book is ultimately saved by some sort of chemistry between the lead pair. There in genuine sincerity in the frustration and anxiety portrayed for the long distance relationship and author does make a pertinent point how young couple find it exceedingly difficult to handle the LDR and the physical non-proximity. But Alas, you can't say the same about other things.  A nicely done cover page, however, aptly describes the story and captures the various time zones the narrative incorporates.

I am going with 2/5 for Shubham Arora's second novel, 'One Last Time'. If you are fan of mass-fiction romantic books, go for it. Otherwise it will be met out with a lot of disappointment because it has very little to offer new in terms of action or treatment.

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