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July 2, 2013

Quick Notes on a book after Death

Author : J.Phillip Jones
Publisher : Jaico Books

Rating : 2/5

Light on Death - The Spiritual Art of Dying is a book which may not be everyone's reading list but it does provide something unique for readers looking to experiment with different genre. All of us have seen death close to us, and most of us are called upon to support loved ones or friends in dying or in grieving a death. We wonder about the nature of this universal phenomenon. Is dying only an uninvited tragedy or can it also be seen as a sacred passage? Can the end of one's life journey be a time of completion and even growth?

The book slotted in 'Religion & Philosophy' genre views life as a pilgrimage culminating in the great transition at death. The book draw upon a little too much on eastern insights from the ancient sages of India but dwell upon very little from the modern hospice experiences. The author does explore the spiritual art of dying in which death is the last and most powerful rite of passage.

Divided into 5 small chapters, the book touches on a very interesting subject but on surface level only. Instead what we get are mostly insipid and mostly well known instances from the ancient books. It's a short, quick read but i can assure you that there are many more interesting books exploring this subject. Read it only if you must.

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