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September 29, 2013

Book Review - 135 : Confessions of a Private Tutor

Author : Vikram Mathur
Publisher : Rupa Publications

Confessions of a Private tutor outlines the adventures of a young boy forced to give teaching lessons to school kids due to sudden demise of his father in order to support his family. He needs more money and the easy way out takes him to sleeping with kids' voluptuous mothers, willing to be satisfied with our tutor's charms. He starts taking more risks and his misadventures ultimately result in going buck naked (quite literally!) and start his life again.

Problem with this confession series is that it hardly provides any character building and hopping from point to point without feeling the need to stop and provide some basic facts. How the tutor is able to impress the mothers? What make him so irresistible to them? How he always gets overlooked by their husbands and other relatives? Most of these questions remain unanswered and the focus remains solely on the action between sheets. In the end, this hurt the book more than you can think of.

There are certain poignant moments in the book like the tutor struggling with getting the sister marriage finalized while busy minting money by giving sex sessions or the one in which he falls short of expectation first time he is paid for sex. But these are hardly the reasons to take pain in going through this book. I am going with 1.5/5 for Vikram Mathur's 'Confessions of a Private Tutor'. Its short but definitely not sweet or spicy.

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