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September 23, 2013

Short Notes on 'My Beloved's MBA Plans'

[This book review is done on the request of Srishti Publishers]

Author : Disha Chhabra
Publisher : Srishti Publishers & Distributors

Rating : 2.5/5

My Beloved's MBA Plans - Crossroads of love and ambitions  by Disha Chhabra is a collection of short stories with a common thread running through all of them - How much you are willing to give to fulfill your MBA dream? Would  you be willing to give up a cushy job and start from scratch? Would you be willing to stay apart from your spouse for the duration of MBA? Would you be willing to uproot your family from a well-settled life?

With interviews conducted with fellow students of IIM-Calcutta, the book consists of short stories but based on real life people and their sacrifices to get a MBA degree. Few stories does make a strong impact - How a couple nurture a relationship when the lady discovers pregnancy during the MBA. Or how a couple gets married right at the beginning of MBA and spends an unusual honeymoon. Or how a young lady overcome the tragic loss of her father because of cancer before embarking on MBA. Most of the stories are human and does ring an emotional side to all of us. More so, since the problems are borne out of practical situations of life and genuine career decisions. 

With strong EQ stories at the core, the author does come flat at certain times specially when there is a strong reluctance to delve into the personal issues of the couple. At multiple points during these stories, there is a resistance not to divulge too much information about these couples'. I wanted to know more about them, but the writing did not provided me that and that's where one would feel a little let down. There is too much sugar coating in the relationships portrayed here and it dilutes the tension which these relationships must have faced in those critical situations. As they say, fizz is missing in the Cola. It is big on ambition but a little short on content. It flies, but never soars. Read it, if you have faced a similar situation in your career or facing currently.

Disclosure : I have studied a semester of engineering with the author.

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