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October 22, 2013

Book Review - 139 : The Jadoo of your love

Author : S.R.Saha
Publisher : Srishti Publishers and Distributors

The Jadoo of your love!....yes, why can't we fall in love again? is one of the most ironic title you will come across in a long time mainly because there is very little chance that you will fall in love with this book once, forget again. Pulling off twists and turns in a novel does not mean we need to abandon logic in the narrative but that's exactly what the author manages to do. Changing your profession every alternate year without having any idea of financial security is idiotic to say the least, but somehow our hero of the novel manages to do that very well and successfully too!

In the final year of college, Anurag's life was falling apart - he vowed never to see Aditya, his best friend of many years again. His love, Urmi too get married to someone else the day unemployed Anurag got the job of a flight purser in an airline company. The narrative from there hops on from one plot point to another without providing any logical sense or explanations and as a reader, there is very little you can sympathise with what is going on in the pages.

Earlier portions are actually filled with Anurag's friendship with Aditya which has very little relevance till that point to the main protagonist. I guess the intention was to show their strong bond, but it comes off looking contrived and manipulative towards the middle of the book. I did not found the transition by Anurag from an airline job to a film maker at all funny and it shows the lightness with which author has treated this material.

I am going with 1.5/5 for S.R.Saha 'The Jadoo of your love'. There is some humour portions which are to be enjoyed in this book but those portions are far and few in between. The 'Jadoo' is certainly missing from this one!

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