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October 15, 2013

Flying notes on Rishi Piparaiya's 'Aisle Be Damned'

Author : Rishi Piparaiya
Publisher : Jaico Books

Rating : 3.5 / 5

Aisle be Damned...Swaying Hips, Praying Lips and Flying tips by Rishi Piparaiya (almost a tongue twister that surname!) is a hilarious account of just about everything associated with air travel. Contrary to popular conception, this one is not really a take on how to fly better but rather how you can make your travel fun. Once you can adjust to the fact that this is primarily a non-fiction book and the one which begs not to be taken too seriously, there is lot of fun to be had.

It has everything related to travel - getting upgraded to business class, micromanaging the pilots, how to kill boredom during the 'technical snag' routine check up, strategies to attract the attention of flight attendants, ice-breaking conversations with pretty co-passengers and breezing through immigration and customs. Author does get overboard with those not-so-hilarious taglines and photographs but then as I said before, you need to adjust as a reader to the humour side of the book.

The writing is easy and even at times dealing with airline industry jargon keep it simple enough for the layman. Being a to-notch sales personnel, author has travelled the world and it does help to efficiently pay nuances to the industry and poke fun at the right pores. What it does conveniently is take all the myths associated with the airline industry and turn it on its head. But if you look beyond those funny layers, you will realise the frustrations usually associated with the air travel for the customers and the inefficiency of the airline staff.

Just over 200 pages long, it is a brisk 3-hour read and deserves a go-ahead. It is well written, jokes come flying in all directions and will leave you with a big smile. Read it during one of those air travel journey or just before taking one, and I am sure you will love the book just a bit more.

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