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November 4, 2013

Book Review - 142 : Baramulla Bomber

Author : Clark Prasad
Publisher : Niyogi Books

The story begins with three prominent characters - Adolf Silfverskiold, a Swedish intelligence officer, Aahana Yajurvedi, a mountaineer and girlfriend of one Mansur Haider, who is a cricketer from Kashmir and a prime suspect being tracked by multiple intelligence agencies and Agastya Rathore, the then Indian Home Minister – all jump off a bomber plane to destroy what is called the Ancient Biblical-Vedic weapon. And slowly are we introduced to the different people of the story as we turn the pages.

The story kicks off after a mysterious earthquake struck Shaksgam Valley. But is it an earthquake? Or was a biblical weapon tested in there? There’s probabilty of Indo-China war breaking out? But why? Why is Mansur Haider important? Is there a solution to the Kashmir crisis? Can destiny be controlled? Does a cosmic religion exist?

The author creates solid illustrations to tell the story and i found the narrative device compelling. The pace is brisk and there is very little dwelling on some of the ridiculous and illogical actions scenes which follows. The editing is tight and even though author manages to catch your attention with detailing, it ultimately lets to its downfall by pouring in too much of unnecessary jargon and unrelated plot points. All of this in total drags the narrative and even though at times you feel the pace picking up and things getting back on track, the narrative hinges and makes you weary.

The book is left with a little something about the Svastik Trilogy. The series of three books – Eka, the Baramulla Bomber, Dvitiya – The Consultant and the third book or Tritiya (Yet to be titled) are all concerned with a question – What is the power behind the creation of Universe and human origins? The main protagonists of the first two books are different – you can start with either one or two, but the culmination of the story will happen in the third one.

I am going with 3/5 for Clark Prasad's 'Baramulla Bomber'. The length needs to be shortened and plot had to be less convoluted. Otherwise, it is a quick espionage thriller which deserves more of your time in the future with other books in the series about to come.

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