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November 30, 2013

Book Review - 143 : English Bites

Publisher : Penguin India
Author : Manish Gupta

Confession : I took up the book review thinking as fiction of English-language-background-misadventures but it turned out to be more of an academic book.

English Bites! - My fullproof English Learning formula by Manish Gupta is the story of a man who goes from being tongue-tied in school to becoming a smooth talking banker. Hilarious illustrations, anecdotes and the way things have been planned up in the book give a whole new dimension to it. Through a series of hilarious personal adventures and misadventures, Gupta provides easy solutions to problems faced by language learners. So, whether you’re a vernacular speaker, a GRE/ GMAT/CAT/XAT aspirant or just a language nut, English Bites! will expand your vocabulary and improve your verbal ability. It may even help you love the English language a little more!

The path of learning English is full of interesting anecdotes and we all must have had our share of embarrassing moments of wrong English, written or spoken and this book provides a funny picture of quite a lot on them. There is learning and unlearning at the same time, though this definitely has a very niche audience and definitely not for every reader. But if you can somehow resist the temptation of looking at the footnotes every time, there is some fun in reading this as a fiction book.

I am going with 3/5 for Manish Gupta's 'English Bites'. It is learning vocabulary and nuances of English in a fun way and definitely a big help for anyone preparing for those competitive examinations. Read for what it actually stands for and you will not be disappointed at all.

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