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December 28, 2013

RIP Farookh Sheikh

Did not logged online since morning as the weekend started but the news of sudden demise of one of the most underrated and charming actors in Bollywood - Farookh Sahab hit hard. Very few actors, and you can literally count them on your fingertips, has the persona of bringing inherent goodness with their acting. You don't have to meet the person but you can feel it in his acting.

Most favourite of his movies in the late-70s and early 80s were indeed Chashme badoor (which was half-baked remade earlier this year by David Dhawan) and Hare-Tortoise fable based Katha. Dikhai Diye from Bazaar and Seene mein Jaalan from Gaman remain some of the cherished songs off his movies.

In recent times, he did got back doing more work that he did in passing years.  His two scene cameo in this year's Yeh Jawani hain Diwani with Ranbir Kapoor is testimony to the old cliche that length of the role hardly matters. One does not have to look beyond to know the true value of his craft as confrontation scene with Abhay Deol in Shanghai which was taken beyond notches by Farookh's pitch perfect expressions. I will try and get my hands on watching Listen...Amaya, his last notable performance even though Club 60 released just couple of weeks ago.

One of my main regrets was that even though running for over 20 years, i never got myself to watch Tumhari Amrita live as a stage performance. This was a man who did less work but will be remembered more. He was the aam aadmi of Hindi cinema. RIP.

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