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January 11, 2014

Quick Notes on '9 DON'TS to SUCCESS'

Author : Abhinav Paney
Publisher : Grapevine India

Rating : 2/5

9 Don'ts to success because the Dos don't work by Abhinav Paney take the 'so called 9 rules' of life to be successful and turn them into don'ts to avoid them completely. So, the book ask you to be Fake at times, not real. Be Arrogant and not always polite. Be a show-off and not always humble. Be manipulative to your best intentions and don't be fair to people always. And so on.

The writing style is simple yet filled with urban lingo and someone most of the young generation can relate to. It helps that the author keeps things simple by not overpraising or justifying things. Instead, it has a distinctively 'just-do-it' feel to it which helps reiterating the basic model points the book is trying to convey to its readers. 

What is missing from the book is solid core content - I was not at all impressed by the examples given at the start of each chapter which seem to be more out of imagination than author researching and working hard to get the characters right for illustrating the points mentioned by him.

The book is a one time quick read but definitely not a kind of self-help or non-fiction book you would like to go back again on your bookshelf. A more deeper diagnosis to help your 9 points would have surely helped.

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