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January 4, 2014

Quick Notes on the Jaico Cricketwallah Series

Jaico Cricketwallah series with Ayaz Memon, written by Indranil Rai and C. Rajshekhar Rao take us through the career of 4 Indian cricketers. Cricket is an addiction in India and these short books help in providing the titsy-bitsy recap about their careers.

Rating : 2/5

MS Dhoni - Capital Cool written by Indranil Rai does not delve sufficiently into the cricketing success or failure stories of the Indian captain but does effectively brings out few touches of his initial career - how he was pulled off from a routine railway job or how his first tour of Kenya brought him into limelight. Apart from that there are not many new things which you don't already know about him.

Virat Kohli - Reliable Rebel by C. Rajshekar Rao starts briskly and capture the initial phase of Kohli's career with nuance - his Ranji trophy innings before attending his father's funeral and his rashness on winning the Under-19 WC as captain are couple of events that are feature of the book. His bet with his coach during the Ranji trophy time and winning it by hitting a century is now firmly established in the cricketing stories. The book does not feature his recent achievements as much which may give half feeling to the book in its entirety.

Sachin Tendulkar - Master Blaster by Indranil Rai is an ultimate let down and not really to the author's fault. There is very little that is uniquely written about this man and this book is no exception. Since the book was published before Sachin's farewell series, it even does not capture the emotional punch the country faced on his exit from the game. Overall, not even a one time read.

Yuvraj Singh - Powerful Elegance by C.Rajshekar Rao write about the initial cricketing days of Yuvraj and does touch upon the up and down relationship with his father - Yograj Singh. I am also happy to note that book does reach upon the various controversies in his career along with cricketing achievements. His special relationship with mother, not withstanding. I also don't know of a sportsperson who has milked his disease as well as Yuvi did but that obviously does not take away from what he has achieved for the country. I hope we see him play one more time in World Cup 2015.

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