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February 21, 2014

Hot notes on Eighteen Plus short stories

Author : Apurv Nagpal
Publisher : Rupa Publications

Rating : 3 / 5

Eighteen Plus - bedtime stories for grown ups by Apurv Nagpal is a mix of wicked, desi and steamy short stories with an interesting mix of characters thrown in from every strata of society. There are bad, good and average stories in this collection, but what binds them together is a fantasy thread in upper middle class society without any guilt feeling. There is no holding back here (pun unintended) which actually works better for setting up the tone of the book.

A computer programmer about to fly finds his least likely to be fulfilled fantasies and his mothers predictions coming true after a smoking hot woman takes the seat next to his. Tauji, a politician, kidnaps a sexologist couple from their house on the Delhi-Haryana border, but he wants much more than ransom from them, as The Sexologist Reveals. Meenu Verma addresses the Ladies Kitty Party Group, North Zone and shares a Power Point presentation of how she went down to rise up to the very top. Manoj invites Malti over for some fun and a little work, when they have the house to themselves in The Mice Shall Play.

The book works in spurts - there are some genuinely laugh-out-loud moments like the one in which friends join in to hear sex on speaker phones or the one in which friends join in a marriage and try and find moments of privacy. But couple of chapters - one, a guide on sex and another one on sexting are dull, boring and don't really fit into the larger scheme of things.

But in the end, there is enough juice to keep you going in this book. Read whichever way you want - one short story at a time or at one go. There is something erotic to be enjoyed in each of them - i just wish it had struck more a balance in fantasy and real life, either side would have been more fun.

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