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February 28, 2014

Quick notes on a business novel inspired by the Mahabharata

Publisher : Jaico
Author : Avinash B. Sharma

Rating : 2/5

Yogic Manager - A business novel inspired by The Mahabharata by Avinash B. Sharma was written to bridge Yoga-Vedanta and Management in one place. The story is the medium by which several new frameworks, business models and management principles are explained incorporating the philosophies and teachings of the Bhagavad Gita , Mahabharata, Upanishads and Yoga Sutras.

The book is a modern retelling of the ancient mythological epic, the Mahabharata, set in today's world of business. The epic's war of Kurukshetra has been recreated in the world of business at a consulting firm called Characterra Consulting. The protagonist is Arjun Atmanand who faces a crisis when his conscience clashes with the instructions of his boss and Characterra's founder, Raja Sahamkar.

To help him with his crisis, Arjun receives advice from Yogi, a being with supernatural powers. Arjun learns Yoga and Vedanta from Yogi, which he uses to build a bridge between Yoga-Vedanta and Management. Arjun develops a set of Yogic Management frameworks and principles that are the foundations of this bridge: 1. Reality-Consciousness-Bliss Framework 2. Knowledge Work Equation 3. Motive-Mind-Means Framework 4. Purposeful Life Framework 5. Principles of Yogic Management 6. Yogic Management Mantra 

The book takes a difficult path to navigate and is extremely dense and seriously long. Points are stretched to the point of breaking and without any practical examples, it's a test of patience. It also doesn't help that author decides make impractical suggestions and offer very little solutions.  Read it if you must!

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