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July 1, 2014

Handful of notes 'With a Pinch of Salt'

Author : Jas Anand
Publisher : Srishti Publishers and Distributors

Rating : 2.5 / 5

With a Pinch of Salt is like a 'handbook of everyday humour'. It is based on observations of funny tendencies in people and then creating fictional caricatures and anecdotes around them. The author creates solid characters based on their quirky behaviour - each of them from your every day life and one which everyone can relate to on an emotional level. They talk in detail about each of their quirkiness, vivaciousness and other funny tendencies but at the same time it creates such long, draining stories around them that your patience is tested on reading about them.

 Any one with a good sense of humour will tell you that crisp and to the point humour works best. If you stretch it too far, it will fall flat and difficult to endorse. For a book who is actually feeding off humour as the main lynchpin to tell a story, it is way too long and verbose to start with. Humour books should be easy on the senses, need to be mercilessly edited and it should allow you to turn pages effortlessly. This one fails on those accounts.

Divided into four sections - Stupidity and its derivatives, Matter of hearts, Mind, intelligentsia and pseudo appeal and lastly, Titbits, the book is not long at 180 odd pages but the first three sections stretch too far. You can see that fourth section which is shortest of the lot creates most impact and the maximum LOL moments. You can see the talent, you just wish it was properly packaged and edited.

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