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January 18, 2015

Book Review - 182 : Hooked, Lined & Single

Author : Rashmi Kumar
Publisher : Srishti Publishers & Distributors

‘Hooked, Lined and Single‘ is about Alafia Singh, a 31 year old divorcee writer. She was married at the early age of 21, and the marriage lasted 11 months The book mostly deals with getting married again, finding another man and dealing with misadventures in that process.

There are portions of dry humour and inspired lunancy - like the one in which Alafia try matchmaking through or another one in which constantly spluttering whatdfuck friend is trying to impress her through culinary skills. But these moments are far and few in between. Structurally disjointed and too many loose ends in the book makes you wonder where exactly is this book heading into climax. There are long portions where nothing really happens in the story unless you encounter yet another man our lead protagonist is so desperately looking out for leading to a certain repetitiveness which is hard to fathom as a reader.

You never get a true sense why Alafia got divorced at 21 and what went wrong in the first marriage. Instead you are provided this as a FYI situation leading up to many more men. Most of the characters are introduced at a superficial level and soon forgotten. You just sense this book more as a collection of diary entries rather than forming a concrete story.

I am going with 2/5 for Rashmi Kumar's second novel. It is a much more improved than author's debut work but there is still scope of better things. We, as readers deserve much better work from her.

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pooja mahimkar said...

The title is so catchy, would really want to read this one.