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March 29, 2015

Book Review - 189 : He fixed the match she fixed him

Author : Shikha Kumar
Publisher : Vitasta Publishing

Shreya is an independent professional in Delhi. Kunal runs a textile business in Mumbai and had been divorced. Their marriage is fixed by parents and due to reasons best known to author, Shreya never sees Kunal till the marriage day (How in these days of Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook, this is even possible is something you will never fathom as a reader)

The author does try really hard to bring in twists and turns in every chapter but the story here is wafer thin and too predictable. Just like earlier Karan Johar movies - we have gala receptions, mata ki chowki, karwachauth and all that jazz to fill in pages. Nothing much happens for long duration in the book and we are inundated with one uninteresting character after another. The climax is done to death kind and there is not much effort made to even try and be different. At 280 odd pages, this is way too long and to add to the misery, it is poorly edited with numerous grammatical and spelling mistakes.

I am going with 1.5/5 for Shikha Kumar's debut novel. The book ties up with numerous companies for promotion -, Bharat Matrimony and Scavin Eyewear. One wish same amount of effort was put in writing and editing the book as done in the marketing. The results would have been far more rewarding for the readers.